“The roof line of our house required something other than “standard” gutters to capture all the run off. Also the gutters on the back of our house must support a significant snow and ice buildup. Mr. Botkin suggested we install “over sized 6” commercial grade gutters and downspouts”. These were professionally installed using hangers on 16” centers. Leaves have always been a problem in the fall. Mr. Botkin suggested we install “Micro Mesh” gutter guards. Everything has been in place for a year and performed as hoped. I am very satisfied with the gutters, gutter guards, and work performed by A. C. G. Botkin & Son. Actually I think the over sized gutters look better on the house.”

– Albert F., Waynesboro

Is your home suffering from water damage? Do you have a cracked or sinking foundation? Is your basement damp or wet?

There may be an easy explanation to these problems and an even easier solution. Let us check your gutters. Leaking and damaged gutters can wreak havoc on your home. We specialize in removal and installation of guttering and downspouts. We offer seamless aluminum and copper gutters in the heaviest grades available, 0.032-gauge aluminum and 20-ounce copper. Our guttering is available in two sizes: 5” and 6” seamless gutter with 2”x3”, 3”x4”, or 4”x5” downspouts corresponding to the gutter size.

Choose aluminum for a rust-free future. Our aluminum gutter products feature a baked-on finish that lasts for 20+ years.

No worries about matching your home’s color. With over 50 color profiles to choose from, we can accommodate just about every home’s trim color. Eliminate the need for painting your gutter – our manufacturer guarantees the baked-on color finish of our aluminum seamless gutter for 20 years.

Want exceptional durability? Choose copper! For the superior guttering option, choose either 5” or 6” copper seamless guttering for a lifetime of protection and peace of mind. Seamless copper guttering represents the absolute highest quality available, outlasting aluminum for many years!

Choose ACG Botkin & Son, Inc for all your rain water management needs.

Our other services include: Aluminum gutter guard | Copper gutter guard | Snow breaks (bronze, stainless steel, or aluminum) | Rain barrels | Fascia covering | Gutter cleaning Call ACG Botkin & Son, Inc at 540-248-1967 for more information on all our gutter services and for your FREE estimate today.

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